Made from fermented apple juice, cider comes in a number of varieties. English cider is dry, with fruity, tannic qualities and low carbonation. This can be found cask-conditioned in England. Normandy is another major cider-producing region, with a sweeter, more effervescent, very complex style. Ciders produced elsewhere are often sweet, simple beverages for mass consumption, though there are some good English-style ciders in North America and Norman-style ciders in Quebec.

Cider Beers Currently Serving
Pineapple Punch BrewDog Brewing A 4.00 12oz Draught
Christmas Winter Blend DownEast A 7.00 12oz Draught
Rekorderlig Peach-Basil Rekorderlig A 4.00 12oz Bottle
Rekorderlig Mango-Rasp Rekorderlig A 5.00 12oz Bottle
Rekorderlig Wild Berries Rekorderlig A 5.00 16oz Bottle
Rekorderlig Passionfruit Rekorderlig A 6.00 16oz Bottle
Rekorderlig Pear Rekorderlig A+ 5.00 12oz Bottle
Magners Cider Guinness LTD B 5.00 12oz Bottle
Stella Cidre Anheuser Busch Inbev B+ 5.00 12oz Bottle
Magners Pear Cider Guinness LTD B- 5.00 12oz Bottle