Yukon Cornelius Coffee

A Dark Roasted Porter
The dark roasted aroma will hit you first before giving your palette a coffee taste as complex and authentic as you are likely to have this side of the Caribbean Sea. A light malt taste accompanies you until the finish, when the rye undertones come to fruition as the Yukon Cornelius sticks the landing. The rye adds a light smokiness that keeps the taste from being too sweet or too bitter, just like a dark cup of cold brew coffee. One sip and you will feel the confidence to fight a bumble, befriend a reindeer, and grow a foot long beard (not guaranteed.) And at 5% ABV, youíll still feel ready to search for silver and gold all winter long

Type: American Porter
Beer Advocate Rating: NR
16  Draught oz
5%  abv

Icarus Brewing

Lakewood, NJ